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The following is a collection of useful and recommended external links to websites which positively furthers the propagation of Islamic knowledge via issues on Comparative Religion. We have also included a small number of websites which deal with contemporary issues in the Muslim World. Please note that we are not responsible for the material that are published in these websites.

Ismail Faruqi Online
A website dedicated to the life and works of Dr. Ismail R. Al-Faruqi (January 1, 1921 – May 27, 1986)

Islamic Awareness
An excellent website which has great material and references in dealing with the combined polemics of the Christian missionaries and the Orientalists. Managed by M.S.M. Saifullah and team.

Calling Christians
An interesting website-blog which is frequently updated with the latest trends and developments in the apologetics online world. Managed by Ijaz Ahmad and team.

Discover The Truth
Online resource dedicated to providing constructive responses and refutations against the Islamophobes. Managed by Kaleef K. Karim and team.

The Bible Perversion and Hidden Truths
Revealing the true teachings of Jesus Christ, the Bible and the true foundation of Islam.

Islam and Christianity
Collects a good number of e-books on comparative religions which the reader can download and peruse at their own leisure.

Answering Christianity: Islam’s Answers to Trinitarian Beliefs
One of the earliest Muslim websites which deals with the missionary polemics and contain a plethora of material. Managed by Osama Abdallah.

Islam Awareness
An general online resource about Islam which has a good collection of links and information about Islam.

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