What I Did Not Say And The Missionary Myopia 26

There are those who say that lying and deceiv­ing is at the soul of all crime and that Chris­tian­i­ty epit­o­mizes these traits more than any oth­er faith. As proof of their asser­tion they often quote Paul of Tar­sus, arguably the true founder of Chris­tian­i­ty, who is record­ed to have said, But if through my false­hood God’s truth­ful­ness abounds to his glo­ry, why am I still being con­demned as a sin­ner ? Any why not do evil that good may come ? – as some peo­ple slan­der­ous­ly charge us with say­ing. Their con­dem­na­tion is just.” (Romans 3:7 – 8)

A Vision of the Future Without.... 27

The Chris­t­ian mis­sion­ar­ies and their allies have been call­ing for the destruc­tion of Islam open­ly ever since the advent of the Inter­net. A cur­so­ry glance at these fanat­i­cal and big­ot­ed web­sites will at once give the dil­li­gent read­er an idea of their geno­ci­dal ten­den­cies against the Mus­lim Ummah, unfair­ly equat­ing Islam with ter­ror­ism, and even denounc­ing Islam as equal to Nazism and hence Islam is not a reli­gion”, accord­ing to their big­ot­ed lens­es. While their inten­tion is clear (i.e. the destruc­tion of Islam), some lib­er­al Chris­tians who have tak­en this author to task for the so-called call” for the destruc­tion of Chris­tian­i­ty are bliss­ful­ly unaware of these devel­op­ments. Sad­ly too, some igno­rant lib­er­al Mus­lims from among the ummah are sid­ing with these pas­sive Chris­t­ian lib­er­als and are too caught unawares of this hid­den mis­sion­ary threat. Even more, there are groups who open­ly pan­der to the hid­den agen­das of the kufaar and open­ly side with them in their geno­ci­dal ambitions.

The Dome of the Rock (Qubbat as-Sakhra) 28

The most uni­ver­sal­ly rec­og­nized sym­bol of Jerusalem is not a Jew­ish or Chris­t­ian holy place but a Mus­lim one : the Dome of the Rock, or Qub­bat as-Sakhra as it is known in Ara­bic. When peo­ple see its gold­en dome ris­ing above the open expanse of Haram as-Sha­reef, they think of only one place in the world. The Dome of the Rock is undoubt­ed­ly one of the most cel­e­brat­ed and most remark­able mon­u­ments of ear­ly Islam, vis­it­ed every year by thou­sands of pil­grims and tourists. It is Jerusalem’s answer to Paris’ Eif­fel Tow­er, Rome’s St. Peter’s Square, Lon­don’s Big Ben and Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas twin tow­ers ; daz­zling the minds of Mus­lims and non-Mus­lims alike. The Dome of the Rock is Jerusalem.