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  • The Qur’an Cannot Be A Text of Divine Origin

    The Christian missionaries tend to make the general conclusion that the Qur’an cannot be a text of divine origin because of the unacceptable meanings included in it.Perhaps they are correct in this conclusion and we may be inclined to agree with them due to the following reasons.

  • Ezekiel 23 And Its Disgusting Language

    Ezekiel 23 And Its Disgusting Language

    “Does the Bible use language not fitting for God?” This was the question that a missionary rhetorically posed to his readers in an amusing but vain attempt to “defend” the inappropriate and unnatural language of Ezekiel 23. The funny thing that this author have noticed about his whole “defense” (and which also prompted this author […]

  • Epileptic Symptoms In The Biblical Prophets?

    This is in response to this article by a Christian missionary. Muhammad’s 11 symptoms 1. He experienced ringing in his ears, like bells In their epileptic or psychotic fits which they interpreted as “prophetic” visions, Ezekiel heard “loud thundering noises” (Ezekiel 3:12f); Jeremiah heard “sound of the trumpet” (Jeremiah 4:19); Isaiah heard loud and shrill […]

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