Tag: Book of Genesis

  • Was Keturah the Wife or the Concubine of Abraham?

    According to Genesis 25:1, Keturah is described as being Abraham’s wife: “Abraham married another wife named Keturah.” The word used for wife in the Hebrew is (‘ishshah) (Strong’s No. 802)[1] and The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon (2001) defines the meaning of the word as “woman, wife, female”[2]. But according to I Chronicles 1:32, we […]

  • The Problem of Paul Regarding Esau

    There is an interesting observation made by a pro-Torah Christian and he has issued a “challenge” to Pauline Christians regarding Paul’s (mis)understanding of the nature of Esau in the eyes of God. The issue is what Paul had written in his epistle to the Romans, as follows: “For the children not yet being born, nor […]

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