We all have read about the present state of affairs concerning the Muhammad cartoons controversy and the demented newspapers of the European countires who in the so-called freedom of their press and freedom of expression chose to publish insulting cartoons depicting their screwed up imaginations of the personality of The Holiest of Allah’s Prophets and Messengers, the Blessed Muhammad al-Mustafa, salla Allahu alayhi wasallam.

Why do they choose to insult Muhammad(P)?

What has Muhammad(P) ever done to them?

Has the Prophet (salla Allahu `alayhi was allam) ever caused them any harm or misfortune?

We all know that these worthless creatures calling themselves journalists and caricaturists are nothing more than useless fellows with nothing to do or contribute to the human world except to cause distress and disharmony to the whole world by coming forth and causing mayhem tothe Muslim Ummah by insulting the personality of our Prophet (salla Allahu `alayhi wasallam).

They have nothing better to offer the world except their filth and debauchery! These barbarians in socalled democratic countries are showing their true colors. Civilised people do not go around insulting people, more so, an esteemed personality in the person of the Last Messenger of God, Muhammad bin Abdullah, the Saviour of Mankind.

Muhammad(P) came to deliver Mankind, the Last Testament of Allah, the Al-Qur’an al Karim, as the Complete Guidance for Mankind as to how to live our lives as best as we can and uphold God’s Laws and Guidelines in governing ourselves and this Earth. Muslims are those who submit to Allah, Lord and Master of all the worlds and Universes, humanbeings who live as God wants us to live. In peace and harmony with the rest of mankind. Yet throughout history, Muslims have been persecuted and continue to be victimised for no sheer reason except for our submission to the True God Almighty, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala! The whole world benefited so much from the Light of Islam in terms of so many discoveries and technological advances when Islam was at its height and Europe was at it’s darkest.

Medieval practices in Europe were causing so much harm to its inhabitants through occult practices, rivalry and mayhem in England, the Vikings raidings and mass murdering of their neighbouring lands and fellow Europeans as recorded in the annals of history. Witchcraft, debauchery, adultery,gamblings, alcoholism, incestuous affairs, rapes, sadistic, homosexuality, lesbianism, runs riot in those lands right till this second!

Islam and its righteous Sharia laws and guidelines puts a stop to all their barbarious affairs and as more and more Europeans become Muslims, the lifestyle and culture of the Muslim Europeans lays bare all the ruthlessness of the socalled European lifestyle of debauchery in all forms and practices, greatly inconveniencing the adulterous kufaar. So, under the guise of the freedom of the press, they along with the devilish cartoonists under patronage of the Danish newspaper, have sought to rile the Muslims with their caricatures of the Blessed Messenger, Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wasallam)!

I read today that our Syrian brothers have torched the embassies of Denmark and Norway. All over the Muslim world, more and more Muslims are enraged by this insult to our Prophet(P).

Is this what they are seeking? To have an all-out war between Muslims and the non-Muslims? Every day, all over the world, people are coming to embrace Islam in droves. This scenario hs been foretold by the Prophet(P) in so many hadiths and even in the Qur’an there are ayaats depicting this situation.

If this is the time, then surely, Yaum Al Qiyamah is not that far away.

The reason that millions and millions of human beings especially in the West are now realising that only in Islam, are their lives accorded the proper respect and values as a human being. Only in Islam, are individuals accorded the highest respects and accepted for what they are and not be exploited in the name of religion. There are cases where some deviants abuse this trust and cause harm but compared to the decadent Western lifestyle, Islam comes out tops when it concerns devotion and piety to Allah.

Muslims account for the lowest numbers of alcoholics, adultery, homosexuality, gambling, incest and other major sins compared to the others. True Islamic teachings raise the values of the individual and makes sense to the human being and is thus greatly envied by the capitalistic kufaar. Their family values are greatly broken up today and their social breakdown is nearly complete save for those who keep to their commonsense and cherish general universal traditional values.

Just check out the statistics of the world’s fastest growing religion and you will see Islam being at the very top. Islam makes sense compared to the other forms of faith which are more towards idol-worship or animistic and hero-worshipping the dead! Not to say that the Muslim world today is perfect as we do have our fair share of deviants and everyone claims to be on the rightful path but come up with their own misconceived ideas as to what Islam is and is not. That’s the reason why we need to go back to the roots of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Rasulullah(P). We need to learn the basics of our faith and keep refreshing our knowledge every now and then by associating with those who are learning and teaching the true aspects of Islam.Seek knowledge and learn from the authentic Ulamas and the Alim.

We, the Muslims of the world need to keep ourselves firmly on the Path of Islam and keep up to date with our amals. Let us refresh our Deen with the proper teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu `alyihi wasallam) and improve our Aqeedah and practice our Faith as best as we can. Be strong, be wise and do what is best for yourselves and your families.

May Allah SWT bless us all and protect us from the destructive ways of Shaitaan in all forms of evil both from the Iblis and man, him or herself. Ameen! Some Thoughts On The Abhorable Cartoons Of Prophet Muhammad 2 

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  1. abdas-salaam Avatar

    “Muslims account for the lowest numbers of alcoholics, adultery, homosexuality, gambling, incest and other major sins compared to the others.”

    That’s because in many Islamic countries (such as Saudi Arabia) these are haraam and subject to severe punishment – such as death. If one has a loaded gun put to their head and told not to do something, it is very likely they will not do it. That does not make it choosing the good, or in Allah’s name, alhamdulillah. If one has a sin in their heart, is it truly accurate to say such things? It is simply false piety and false religion, shirk of the heart.
    A criticism of human state folly and interpretation, not Islam.

    Additionally, I think that the violent outrage because of some inane comics has done nothing but attract further attention to blasphemy. The more violently one responds, the more likely others will be to do it again because it’s controversial. This is not to say one should not be offended or protest, but a calm manner achieves more than a million swords.

    Allah knows best!

  2. shadowofears Avatar

    No one has right to put rubish on other religions in name of freedom of expression!

  3. Freedom of Speech Avatar
    Freedom of Speech

    This site is censored so there is no point in having a two way discussion, ie putting together valid arguments for the Muslims and valid points for the Western World. My last entry was removed. So I guess this forum is very much like any other Muslim country……..An all controlling dictatorship. Message to the editor, you do more to alienate the muslims world than Osama Bin Ladan. It’s the muslim way or nothing. Tolerant, peaceful ?? My [DELETED BY SITE ADMIN].

    [Site Admin: This site is not a “discussion forum”. Such discussions take place in the forum proper. We will therefore delete any inflammatory, insulting or negative comments directed at the Muslim sensibilities. Comments like “f*k Islam” or “kill Muslims” or “deport the Muslims to where they came from” are of that nature. Kappish?]


    I am a MUSLIM and i have most respect of my PROPHET he is always supeiorer for me and i always respect and want to listen respectable words from othersfor him and the problem is here that WESTERN COUNTRIES show there irresponsability against the feelings of MUSLIMS we muslims have to protest for it and we have to become at one plateform and overcome these type of problems but i really sorrow to say that we are not one minded we play for our own intrest but here i want to say that realigious is totally different thing beacuse religious is SPIRUTIUAL feeling and u have respect in u heart but i mean is not that u not protest if some one use abuse language and say that it is the freedaom ISLAM give as a message of PEACE and also ISLAM IS THE NAME OF PEACE thats why we must have to come togeather and do some thing for ISLAM not for any one beacuase if we do some thing for islam its mean we r doing for all MUSLIMS and also i want to say that we have to use our resources for the overcomeing on west and the main resource of muslims is OIL plz urab countries use it in favour of all muslims not for u own plz plz plz

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