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A Study of the Hebrew Tanakh (Old Testament)

Here is a partial list of reasons for why the death of Jesus on the cross couldn’t possibly have served as a valid sacrifice – any one of these would render a sacrifice as unacceptable for the purpose of expiation of sins.

GIVEN that, at the time of Jesus’ death, the Second Temple was still standing in Jerusalem and the Hebrew Bible was the Scripture in force, here are some of the reasons why the death of Jesus on the cross cannot be a valid sacrificial offering:

FIRST, the Hebrew Bible requires that the sacrificial ritual be administered by a Priest (see Leviticus Chapters 1-7) — according to the accounts in the New Testament, Jesus was crucified by Roman soldiers (Mt 27:35; Mk 15:24; Lk 23:33; Jn 19:18, 23).

SECOND, the Hebrew Bible requires that the blood of the (sin) sacrifice had to be sprinkled by the Priest on the veil of the sanctuary and on the altar in the Temple (e.g., Lev 4:5-6) — there is no evidence in the New Testament that this was done.

THIRD, the Hebrew Bible requires that the (sin) sacrifice be without any physical defects or blemishes (e.g., Lev 4:3) — according to the accounts in the New Testament, Jesus was beaten, whipped, and dragged on the ground before being crucified (Mt 26:67, 27:26, 30-31; Mk 14:65, 15:15-20; Lk 22:63; Jn 18:22, 19:1, 3). Moreover, as a Jew by birth, Jesus was circumcised on the eighth day after being born, a ritual that leaves a scar (“sign of the covenant”). According to the NT, circumcision is tantamount to mutilation (Phil 3:2, Gal 5:12).

FOURTH, the Hebrew Bible requires that the Passover (sin) sacrifice, a male-goat, be offered on an individual (per household) basis (Num 28:22), not as a communal offering — according to the New Testament, Jesus’ death (termed a “sin sacrifice”) expiated the sins of mankind (Ro 6:10; He 9:12, 10:10, 10:18).

FIFTH, the Hebrew Bible directs that the Paschal Lamb was not to be offered for the removal of sins — it was a commemorative/festive offering (see also under “Fourth” above and “Sixth” below). A more appropriate time for a sin offering would have been on Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement; Num 29:11 [individual sin-offering — male goat]; Lev 16:15 [communal sin-offering — male goat]).

SIXTH, the Hebrew Bible requires that the sacrificed Paschal Lamb had to be roasted and eaten, and it’s blood used to place markings on the side-posts and lintel of the doors (Exod 12:7-8) ? there is no record in the New Testament that this was, in fact, done (lest it be suggested that Christianity promotes cannibalism).

SEVENTH, the Hebrew Bible states that the sacrificial sin offering could only atone for unintentional sins, with few notable exceptions as stated in Lev 5:1-6, 20-26 [Lev 6:1-7 in Christian Bibles] (e.g., Num 15:27-31).

EIGHTH, the Hebrew Bible teaches that sacrifices can atone only for sins committed prior to the offering of the sacrifice; no sacrifice could ever atone for sins committed after the sacrifice was offered and, thus, no sacrifice could ever atone for people born after the sacrifice was offered (e.g., Leviticus 1-7). So, even if it were true that Jesus was some kind of super-sacrifice that atoned for all sins of all mankind, then his death could only atone for the sins committed before his death, not for any sins committed after his death by people who were born after he died.

NINTH, the Hebrew Bible strictly forbids (human) vicarious atonement (e.g., Exod 32:31-33; Num 35:33; Deut 24:16; II Kgs 14:6; Jer 31:29 [30 in Christian Bibles]; Ezek 18:4,20; Ps 49:7).

TENTH, the Hebrew Bible strictly prohibits human sacrifices (e.g., Lev 18:21, 24-25; Deut 18:10; Jer 7:31, 19:5; Ezek 23:37, 39).

It is simply astonishing that so many people believe what their preachers “feed” them, as well as how the New Testament writings contradict the teachings of the Hebrew Bible. The Invalidity of the Crucifixion of Jesus as an Atonement of Sin 1 

This article was reproduced from an internet forum posting by Dr. JosephG, a retired physicist and practising Jew residing in America, who explains why Jesus’ death on the cross could not have been a valid sacrifice from the Jewish point of view. Dr. JosephG is not associated with bismikaallahuma.org







4 responses to “The Invalidity of the Crucifixion of Jesus as an Atonement of Sin”

  1. ipiphinizion Avatar

    Sadly Christians have been extorted and bribed into a system that they will ultimately pay for with their souls….Jerimiah warned of this very thing – and if Christians were not so terrified of being denied access to the Father – (G-d NOT Jesus) they would be able to read the Hebrew Bible and see the multiple warnings and prophecies AGAINST Jesus specifically. The Messiach -and the age that is to be triggered by his presence is one of peace and harmony – of compassion and stewardship of this planet – yet in the Christian domination of this world war bloodshed and destruction of the planet has reigned – just as Jesus explicity said he was here to do- the accounting that will be made to G-d will be very difficult when He asks you as a Christian – why did you worship another BUT ME? I said I AND I ALONE!!! am your only G-D! I sent no other – I AM WHO I AM ! – not we not me and my son – JUST I- I urge Christians to remove the scales from their eyes and read – carefully and openly and look for the TRUTH that is hidden yet revealed- prophecies about Jesus are there all right – but is not what you have been mislead to believe – they are warnings against him – for all shall kneel before G-d and He shall be named ONE!!!
    I fear for mankind and I fear for the misleads souls and I FEAR G-d and love his laws and Word – may G-d bless all who read this and may the TRUTH whisper in your ear and may you turn to G-d with your whole heart mind and soul ….AMN…..

  2. Jason Avatar

    Anytime that the Bible is read in a wooden literal sense, you will find these kinds of problems. What kind of God is God? He is 100% holy, perfect, and without fault. How can humans (who fell due to sin) ever even come close to being on par with God and restoring communion with Him with what we have available to us? What God stipulated is a long series of regulations and requirements in order to *only rollback sin for one year!*

    The Old Testament Law is God’s way of saying to the Jews, “You want to be my people? Then here’s what I demand.” The Law clearly demonstrated to everyone that there’s no way we can do this on our own. That’s why a perfect, sinless sacrifice was sent by God on our behalf.

    The Law was fulfilled in every way by Christ’s life and death. One reason God forbid human sacrifice is because He knew that human nature was to kill for our own benefit (are you radical Muslims reading this?) Jews would be killing their own offspring if they thought it would please God (much like Islamic suicide bombers strapping pipe bombs to their six-year old daughters and sending them towards the American soldiers by the corner).

    That brings me to my final thought: Instead of critiquing another religion’s “apparent contradictions”, perhaps you should address your own religion’s hatemongering. Muhammad started out fine and respected the “People of the Book” but ended his life wallowing in blood. Quite a stark contrast to how Christ ended his life. Which side adds up when you stand back and look at the two “principal figures” objectively? Muhammad attacked caravans, slaughtered entire tribes, and killed those that were critical of him while Christ preached “turn the other cheek,” “Oh Jeruslam…how often I wanted to gather you under my wing like a hen gathers her chicks, but you were not willing,” and “Blessed are the peacemakers.” The most violence Christ ever committed was overturning the moneychangers’ tables in the Temple. He certainly never asked Peter to go assassinate someone who was jeering at Him from afar — unlike your Prophet.

    In the end, once again, it is Islam with more answering to do.

  3. david misango Avatar

    It seems surprising that the people/nation through whom Jesus came (Jews) should “find” most objections to his vicarious sacrifice on the cross.Indeed, the “stone that the buildres rejected has become the corner stone”, even by their own submission – millions have been “misled” into beleiving this lie.

    Why, should a Jew accept vicarious sacrifise from animals and reject Christianity as a teaching?Is it not obvious that the old testament sacrifices were a shadow of the real sacrifice to come in Christ’s atoning death? Why would a Holy God ask Abraham to sacrifise his own son- as a test- if that was so wrong (according to the writer of the article)?

    Yom kippur verses peshach; atonement verses the pass-over of the angel-of-death.A lamb died for the people of Moses to be freed from the angel-of-death’s sting, during the time of Pharaoh in Egypt.What is so wrong with Christians applying this to mean Jesus’ dying so that we may have eternal life? Did the Yom Kippur goat (scape goat) suffer death?

  4. shery Avatar

    A biblical sacrifice requires that their be no cuts or bruises on the animal that is being sacrificed. Jesus according to the bible its self was beaten badly before he was crucified.

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